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Motive Systems, the developer of M-Files easy document management software and the Cloud-based document management service M-Files Cloud Vault, announced that M-Files for Salesforce CRM is immediately available for deployment on AppExchange 2. M-Files for Salesforce CRM is a cloud-based, professional document management solution that is tightly integrated with Salesforce CRM. Built using Force.com, the enterprise cloud-computing platform, M-Files for Salesforce CRM runs in the cloud - just like Salesforce - so there is no need to purchase or configure a server, one of the more technical and expensive aspects of traditional document management solutions. M-Files for Salesforce CRM is also available as an on-premise solution for those companies with massive amounts of documents that would make cloud storage cost-prohibitive, or for those with specific security policies that require certain documents to remain stored behind the company firewall.

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