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Sept. 17 2012
A patent is a government-granted monopoly that awards an inventor control of all rights to a product for 20 years from the date of filing. Congress originally intended patent laws to encourage scientific... View More
Sept. 10 2012
I recently read an article on News-Press.com titled, "Florida Courts to Ditch Paper and Go Electronic," detailing how the Florida Supreme Court is committed to this move and has made it mandatory that... View More
Sept. 9 2012
Like many in the tech world, enterprise document management organizations suffer from massive shortages in qualified IT personnel. Even in today's tight job market, there just are not enough top-tier developers... View More
Aug. 27 2012
It\'s that time of year again—where line-of-business managers and company executives begin to lay out their business plans for the following year. While there has always been pressure to identify... View More
Aug. 16 2012
@import url(/Uploads/Public/Images/Media/AdvancedRTFTool/maincss.css); While some remnants of skepticism may yet persist, cloud computing is here to stay—at least until the next "big thing" comes... View More
Aug. 13 2012
SharePoint is a near-ubiquitous platform for content and document management. In order to get the most from the platform, it's important to manage design, deployment and operationalization intentionally.... View More
Aug. 6 2012
The most important question to ask internally as a company considering issuing a request for proposal (RFP) should be, "Is this really what we as a company want/need to do?" Writing and managing a RFP... View More
July 30 2012
With the recent rulings on healthcare, I was prompted to do some updated research on healthcare payments, what is affecting the market and what solutions need to be in our doctor's bag to help providers.... View More
July 15 2012
This old adage is more than a saying—it\'s a powerful aspect of human nature, especially in our data- and incentive-driven world. In fact, at times, it may even be too powerful. While business process... View More
July 15 2012
Do you believe the whole "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD) phenomenon is just a bunch of hooey that is being hyped by deep-pocketed smartphone and tablet makers? Do you wish that they would simply go mind... View More
July 15 2012
Organizations depend on information to manage day-to-day operations, comply with regulations, gauge financial performance and monitor strategic initiatives. This critical information resides in the organization's... View More
July 15 2012
Social business and the "connected company" is a concept that goes beyond the buzz of social media networks; it's a practice that can enable more efficient, effective and net new connections inside and... View More
July 10 2012
Just this past June, I took a day trip through Palo Alto in California from my home in Monterey, traveling up the scenic Pacific Coast Highway. While driving through the beautiful Stanford campus, ending... View More
July 8 2012
The evolution of SharePoint's enterprise content management (ECM) functionality has created a dilemma for organizations looking to implement an enterprise-wide content management solution. Trying to answer... View More
June 24 2012
If you're like thousands of businesses across the globe, you are evaluating the opportunities to "go paperless." Recent mid-market surveys indicate that document management is ranked in the top five IT... View More
June 17 2012
If you, like many other Americans, have ever secretly perused your child's Facebook account or sneaked a look into your spouse's email account out of curiosity or—perish the thought—out of... View More
June 17 2012
IDC has identified four pillars that will shape the growth and innovation in the information technology (IT) sector over the next decade or more. These pillars are: Cloud services Big data/business analytics... View More
May 30 2012
Managing information in the form of corporate data, documents and records is arguably one of the most crucial activities for any organization and its employees. Organizations depend on information to make... View More
May 28 2012
Your business must route, process and store massive amounts of information. Each touchpoint accounts for time and money spent to achieve your primary goal of serving your customers. While many executives... View More
May 21 2012
It's surprising to see any reluctance in the workplace to exploit mobility. While businesses are being revolutionized by smartphones, tablets and easy access to the cloud, many managers have a wait-and-see... View More